API Design Questions (4)

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Tue Sep 29 21:52:57 UTC 2009

On 09/29/2009 08:44 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> Well, the current XML-RPC interface returns all times in the timezone of
> the server and makes you get timezone information via another call. I
> was planning to emulate that pattern. Have you changed your mind - are
> you now thinking it's better to return the timezone with each timestamp?

	It's not an issue of what I'm thinking, but an issue of what the
XML-RPC standard requires. If I could have returned timestamps with time
zones always, I would have.

> Right. So which shall we do? :-) I'm going to stick with full user
> object everywhere unless you say otherwise.

	Full object seems reasonable.

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