Moving Away From CVS: A Vote

Vitaly Fedrushkov fedrushkov at
Wed Sep 16 17:18:14 UTC 2009

My vote is: bzr

1. TortoiseHg is still inferior to TortoiseBzr.  TortoiseBzr in turn sucks when 
compared to TortoiseSVN (for instance, it depends on ugly daemon), but hey, 
Subversion is so old and mature...

2. TortoiseHg is still broken in handling of cyrillic file names.  Probably 
other UTF-8 languages too.

I like Linux and prefer Linux.  I just cannot afford to leave Windows.

l10n standpoint:

1. Transifex supports both bzr and hg.  Had UTF-8 problems at hg backend, 
current status unknown.

2. Pootle and Translate Toolkit support bzr.  Hg is being actively worked on, 
due to Mozilla's move.

3. Launchpad Rosetta implies bzr.  CVS, Subversion and git are import only, with 
Mercurial 'coming soon'...

None the less: if not Bazaar, I will appreciate move to Mercurial: at least 
because we are _moving_ out of CVS!

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