Moving Away From CVS: A Vote

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Sat Sep 5 22:43:22 UTC 2009

Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> Anybody who is currently contributing to the Bugzilla Project or 
> interacting with our CVS is eligible to vote. (If you are not a 
> current contributor, please state your interest when voting.)

Not a contributor currently so my vote doesn't really count but I would 
vote Mercurial.

There is significant fear that bazaar will break compatibility in 
upgrades (it has already done so before). As someone who only rarely 
updates Bugzilla and even far more rarely updates underlying system 
infrastructure (at that level bureaucracy is simply to much in the way) 
what guarantees do I have that "bzr up" will continue to work a year 
from now the next time I update Bugzilla?

Any other reasons I have for wanting Mercurial are not things this 
community should care about (I have infrastructure and tooling support 
built up for Mercurial but not Bzr; I am active in the Mercurial dev 
community; etc.).

Your FUD about Bzr being superior is BS:

* Comparing the interface is merely subjective. I very much like the Hg 
interface better for one.
* Bzr has a new release every month because it finds major deficiencies 
every month. It also doesn't have minor releases and every single 
release has had breaking changes. In a corporate environment there is no 
reasonable suggestion for bzr to remain in any state of stability if you 
are interacting with repositories in external environments.
* While this is true, it is also pointless. I have yet to see any reason 
why you might need to track empty directories which couldn't be 
accomplished by tracking an empty file in a directory.
* The mercurial commands are not significantly different than CVS or SVN.

As far as superiority: last I checked over 90% of the commits to Bzr 
were from 2 or 3 people employed by Canonical. There literally was not a 
developer community.

Regardless, all I really want is for our benevolent dictator for the 
time being to decide and make the move (and to see a testopia repository 
that keeps up to date with the changes as they happen).

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