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Vitaly Fedrushkov fedrushkov at
Sat Mar 7 04:28:35 UTC 2009

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
>> Variant 1.1: dumb
> This one is clearly ridiculous.

>> Variant 1.3: introduce scalar operators for the same:
> I don't like this one. I'm not even sure this will work as foo.html will 
> be seen as html() being a method of the foo object, which is not the case.

Bug 481796 landed WONTFIX, so this option is closed.

>> Variant 1.4: Leave basic HTML syntax within translated text:
> No idea what you try to do here, but not all strings use FILTER html.

This does not allow for proper separation of text and markup.

>> Variant 1.2: introduce functions for 'FILTER html' and so on
||  [% |l("<a href=\"editusers.cgi?action=edit&userid=" _
||      url_quote( _ "\" title=\"" _
||      l("Edit user '[_1]'", html(otheruser.login)) _ "\">",
||        "</a>") %]
||    [_1]Edit this user[_2]
||  [% END %]
> So you will have to define one function for all possible FILTERs, 
> including those taking parameters?

So this option is left alone, unless we come up with some new and fully 
orthogonal approach.

>  From a developer point of view, I like none of these alternatives. Look 
> at the developers/localizers ratio: there are hundreds of developers, 
> compared to maybe ten localizers or so.

And this (lack of) instrumentation is exactly _why_ we have fewer successful 
l10n efforts, compared to competing bug trackers.  Many skilled people have 
looked at it, tried but then never seen again.

> So I'm still very skeptical with all this stuff.

Dear localizers, your opinions are wanted.  I'm (sort of) stuck with Maketext 
implementation (bug 407752 and in particular bug 412161), mostly because we're 
lacking a good syntax to keep templates both simple to developers, safe and 
still localizable.

Not sure if there's something worth discussing at upcoming Bugzilla meeting, 
besides freezing bug 407752 entirely (P1, but not on 4.0 roadmap anyway).  At 
the moment I'm very skeptical about gettext future...

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