Self-Introduction: Stephen Reindl

Stephen Reindl sreindl at
Fri Mar 6 21:17:12 UTC 2009

Hi all,

after using Bugzilla for about 10 years in different projects and fixing
problems from time to time for myself and providing feedback to you for some
bugs, I decided to work more actively on this project than before. Therefore
I’m going to introduce myself as requested on your list:

Full Name: Stephen Reindl

IRC: stever

Location: Meerbusch, Germany (near Düsseldorf)

Profession: Leading a IT department for a consulting company

How can I help: We are using bugzilla for bugtracking for the tools
developed for our customers and for internal tools. Currently we are using a
bleeding edge CVS version with is reflecting usually the latest changes from
CVS after reviewing the changes and doing some tests
 The installation is
integrated in a set of small tools for SCM (scmbug, ...)  and is using LDAP
for authentification.  We are willing to improve LDAP support and with
feedback on usability as our consultants and customers are simply users, not
geeks with a different view on software
 Another topic might be the support
of the German translation. As part of our development is done on Windows, we
even think of integrating Bugzilla into TFS (like scmbug for subversion and

Historical Qualifications: mhh, the short version: 
I'm writing software for about 20 years now. Starting with PASCAL, later
working with C, FORTAN and COLBOL for research institutes and large IT
I writing Perl code for now about 10 years. Perl is still my favorite for
server related configuration scripts even if we use commercial platforms for
several applications (as they are usually requested by the customers).

Stephen Reindl
Tideum Group

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