Image magic error in Bugzilla

Jean-Marc Desperrier jmdesp at
Mon Mar 2 13:24:30 UTC 2009

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> Le 27. 02. 09 11:36, Jean-Marc Desperrier a écrit :
>> What about making it a *priority* to remove the Image magic dependence
>> in bugzilla ?
> You are free to not install this package. I never had it installed, and
> I'm using Bugzilla for years without any problem. This package is
> optional, not required.

What you're writing here is the *very* reason *why* I'm angry that the 
dependence exist.

You need to put yourself int he shoes of a new bugzilla users.
He does not know what is important or not to install, but he wants to be 
able to test all features without having to come back to the install 
stage later because he after all needs on of those optional packages.

So he starts with "", and tries to solve every problem 
that he has, without spending spending time for each module to try to 
understand why exactly it's needed. And most of the time he'll end up 
stuck trying to make the Image magic package work without success.
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