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Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Mon Jun 29 10:30:41 UTC 2009

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Cool. Your comment on the wiki that "we just have to find a good XML-RPC 
> or JSON-RPC client in JavaScript that we can include in Bugzilla that 
> has a license compatible with the MPL" make me think that no-one had 
> done anything on this yet.

	Well, no one's done anything upstream on it, yet. The keywords patch 
didn't need AJAX, so it didn't have to worry about that.

 > I assume YUI falls into that category?

	It does not. YUI does not have a JSON-RPC client.

	You could possibly find a single-author open-source JSON-RPC client and 
ask if the author would be willing to relicense it under the MPL, and 
then adapt it to use YUI (which has various facilities that would be 
useful to such a client, though it doesn't have the client itself).

	A quick Google search says that you might be able to adapt this:


 > What did you use for the NASA stuff?

	Because it was a customization, we created a custom CGI for the 
Autocomplete to call.

 > Did you retain sufficient rights to the
> code that it, or a derivative of it, could go into the mainline?

	Yep, if you want it. It's probably somewhere in this repo:


	Although if you derive anything from it, the Original Author has to be 
the San Jose State University Foundation.

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