Bugzilla Webservice Client in Perl

Gregary Hendricks ghendricks at novell.com
Wed Jun 24 16:01:33 UTC 2009

>>> On 6/24/2009 at 08:03 AM, in message
<9B3790AAECBF4A7DA5BF097C83C01FFF at phoenix>, "Jason Pyeron" <jpyeron at pdinc.us>
> I would strongly disagree. If this were part of BZ, and part of the release 
> process, it would make enterprise installations nicer. 
> Putting it in CPAN, while makes it easy to get to, does not encourage  
> tracking 
> of BZ releases and features. 

I vote to make it part of the release as well. It is much easier to maintain that way. Even if bmo doesn't use the web service, there are multiple users of Bugzilla that do. And even if it were abandoned by the original developer, someone else could pick it up more easily if it is included in the release. 

Tracking it on CPAN would require extra effort on the part of users and would divide the potential contributor base.


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