bugzilla.mozilla.org improvements

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Jun 12 11:35:05 UTC 2009

Over the next few months, I will be working on improving 
bugzilla.mozilla.org to better meet the needs of the Mozilla development 
community.[0] I am therefore gathering 'requirements' - that is to say, 
asking people's opinion about which possible improvements would be most 
useful. This newsgroup post and an associated blogpost pointing here are 
a start; please let me know if there are other forums I could usefully 
ask in.

(I apologise if the reasonably wide crossposting irritates anyone. It 
seems that mozilla.announce has morphed into something which 
non-community-members subscribe to for notification about updates to 
Firefox and Thunderbird, so I suspect it's no longer appropriate for 
this sort of message. Perhaps we need a mozilla.dev.announce.)

Please say what the change you are requesting is, and why making it 
would improve your life. References to previous discussions and bug 
numbers would help.

Feel free to suggest configuration changes as well as code changes, of 
sizes both big and small. I anticipate working on maybe 1 or 2 larger 
things, but I hope to also be able to fix some small-but-annoying things 
along the way. I can't promise that any particular change will be worked 
on, even if supported very vocally. There are a number of factors which 
will affect the decision, including our desire to help the Bugzilla 
development community achieve its goals - both technical and social.

I can't promise a timeframe by which the changes will be available. My 
aim is, for non-b.m.o.-specific changes, to get them into the Bugzilla 
trunk and have them flow down to b.m.o. from there. And so it is 
dependent on Bugzilla release schedules and b.m.o. upgrades, which are 
themselves dependent on our release cycles and on IT time.


[0] See my full SOW here:
dev-apps-bugzilla mailing list
dev-apps-bugzilla at lists.mozilla.org

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