3.2 performance measure

Atsushi Shimono shimono at mozilla.gr.jp
Sun Sep 14 11:43:45 UTC 2008


  We've upgraded our bugzilla (Bugzilla-jp *1) to 3.2RC1+ last week, and
i've collected some performance data.
  Graph (*2) shows indivisual accesses for show_bug.cgi as "one dot" by
* x axis : output html size for each query (byte)
* y axis : execution time for each query measured by Apache (usec)
Red and green points are for 3.0 (Bugzilla-ja 3.0-ja *3) and 3.2RC1+

  From this graph, I might be able to say that 3.2 shows less performance
than 3.0 by 1.2 to 1.3 times, but this might be explained by new features
in 3.2.
  Note, this 3.2RC1+ isn't patched for LpSolit's new performance patch for

  mkanat, sorry that i've said about performance without such analysis.. :)

  If you need, i think i can provide raw datasets including url, and HTTP
status code.

*1 Bugzilla-jp : http://bugzilla.mozilla.gr.jp/
*2 http://bugzilla.mozilla.gr.jp/attachment.cgi?id=3881
*3 http://developer.mozilla.org/Ja/Bugzilla-ja (Only in Japanese)

Atsushi Shimono - shimono at mozilla.gr.jp

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