how does bugzilla detect the modules versions?

Tsahi Asher tsahi_75 at
Mon Sep 8 18:30:07 UTC 2008

בתאריך 02/09/2008 12:27, ציטוט Gervase Markham:
> Tsahi Asher wrote:
>> (returns "undef" from DBI::Version and DBI::VERSION). so i was
>> wondering, how does bugzilla detects the version of a module, like DBI?
> See, have_vers() subroutine. Basically, it's built around:
> eval "require $module;";
> Gerv

excuse my ignorance in perl, but what does the

$vnum = eval { $module->VERSION } || -1;

line there does? in particular, the $module->VERSION?

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