how does bugzilla detect the modules versions?

Tsahi Asher tsahi_75 at
Mon Sep 1 22:11:44 UTC 2008

I am having troubles installing an integration package called SCMBug 
(which is mentioned on the bugzilla add ons wiki page). for some reason 
the latest version fails to detect the version of the DBI perl module 
(returns "undef" from DBI::Version and DBI::VERSION). so i was 
wondering, how does bugzilla detects the version of a module, like DBI? 
i'm asking because bugzilla's detects the version 
correctly, as it is registered in PPM (i'm running bugzilla on Windows 
Server 2003 x64, with ActivePerl 5.8.8). is there some other API SCMBug 
should be using?

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