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Cédric Corazza cedric.corazza at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 18:50:54 UTC 2008


Currently, the code and the localization are melted thus not accessible 
for localizers without technical skills.
The gettext solution sounds nice and should be easily implemented for 
files such as code-error.html.tmpl, messages.html.tmpl or 
user-error.html.tmpl, but tricky and painful for developers I guess for 
other files where code and localizable strings are intimately intermingled.
Also, I think this will be tricky for localizers, especially if all the 
localizable strings are gathered in an only one file, to localize these 
strings without context. I'm especially thinking about very short 
strings such as "a", "of", "on", etc or when sentences are "cut" with 
code idn many places.
Last but not least, the locales that have already localized Bugzilla 
will have to do the whole job again.

A positive point though : if all these problems are overcome, all the 
localization files might be hosted on bugzilla.org and Bugzilla might be 
released in all the available languages at once.

My two cents...


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