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Liu, Ye YLiu at bgcpartners.com
Wed Nov 19 18:54:47 UTC 2008

I see. Could you tell me when there will be a stable release in 3.2? Right now, there is only a stable candidate and that is reason why my company does not want to use 3.2.



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Liu, Ye a écrit :
> I have to use bugzilla-3.0.x: company policy. Can you show me how to make the change instead?

No! :)

Sorry, but changes to do are very invasive and numerous. It's much more
work than to add a line of code or two. If you want to see how we
implemented it, have a look at

Note also that this bug depends on several other bugs, especially
related to the workflow, which are all needed to implement this feature
correctly. In no way can you take these patches as is and apply them to
your 3.0.x installation; this won't work.

Sorry again. :)

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