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newbug shabbar99 at
Sat Mar 15 07:23:07 UTC 2008

Dear Frederic Buclin,
can you kindly tell me how to convert the patch to DOS format(ie. with CRLF
line endings). although I have updated from CVS but SMTP auth could not be
updated or I was missing something in update commond for SMTP auth, that you
can point out.
if your unofficial version is okay i.e. I can use it for my office
environment, then my email address is shabbar at
but plz do confirm me how to combine the tarball files in one bugzilla,
shall I extract all the files to one bugzilla folder ? as you said that
you'll send in parts.
I'll be happy to hear any guidelines from you.


Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> newbug a écrit :
>> now plz tell me what to do? I'll be thankful to you guys if you make me
>> through it
> The problem is that my patch has the LF line endings used on *nix while 
> patch.exe on Windows needs to have a patch using CRLF as line endings, 
> else it's unable to read the patch correctly (it sees everything as a 
> single line, AFAIK). So either convert my patch to DOS format (i.e. with 
> CRLF line endings) or upgrade your installation using CVS to get the 
> SMTP auth support.
> If you don't know how to do this, I can send you an unofficial 
> bugzilla-CVS.tar.bz2 tarball per email (940 Kb), for testing.
> LpSolit
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