SMTP authentication for Bugzilla

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Fri Mar 14 10:51:51 UTC 2008

newbug a écrit :
> now plz tell me what to do? I'll be thankful to you guys if you make me
> through it

The problem is that my patch has the LF line endings used on *nix while 
patch.exe on Windows needs to have a patch using CRLF as line endings, 
else it's unable to read the patch correctly (it sees everything as a 
single line, AFAIK). So either convert my patch to DOS format (i.e. with 
CRLF line endings) or upgrade your installation using CVS to get the 
SMTP auth support.

If you don't know how to do this, I can send you an unofficial 
bugzilla-CVS.tar.bz2 tarball per email (940 Kb), for testing.


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