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Yeah, a custom field with a Wiki type would work for us too.  Good idea.   Just don't let cf_'s with wiki types be used in buglists -- that could get ugly!
- Steve

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I'd suggest using custom fields for this sort of thing instead of comments. But that's my 2c. I think it would be super cool to have a wiki-text custom field type along with a rich text field type.


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Another idea:  Make the base comment (initial first chunk of text) on a bug be Wiki-style editable.   Have a checkbox that enables it's editing, with appropriate privs to toggle the checkbox.  The edit history/changelog could just dump into the ordinary comments 1..n (but still allow normal comments).  Maybe it could be implemented using hidden attachments to hold the wiki binary stuff?

We use Bugzilla for requirements, user stories, and use cases in addition to just bugs and devo tasks.  The former three change alot throughout the life of a project, and we just keep re-pasting them into comments as they get edited.  If we could do 'em as a Wiki or something revisable, we'd sure like it over here.

Sorry if this was already proposed, I've just joined this list.
- Steve

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Your second idea is part of bug 130835<>


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:20 PM, Tosh, Michael J <michael.j.tosh at<mailto:michael.j.tosh at>> wrote:
How about a forum-style add-on to bugzilla.  Allowing people to set
signatures and a gif of themselves to show around comments, where other
users could see that particular user's level of expertise and
involvement in comments.  I would love to see a department listed below
a user's name when looking at comments.

PNG Here:

Another feature could be a most-active list of bugs with comments and
such available via a template for inclusion on the main page.

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