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Thu Mar 13 16:04:30 UTC 2008

I've been participating for a while now, but I don't think I ever
introduced myself.

I'm Michael Tosh (I usually sign emails as and respond to 'tosh',
although on occasion I may use 'oreomike' as my user/nick as a leftover
from decades old account names.  It was a homage to the cookie, not the
informally-referenced ethnic group.)

I work as a software developer for Lockheed Martin in New Jersey onsite
at the FAA Technical Center.  (The next time you fly overseas, know that
I helped write/test/implement the Air Traffic Control system used to
keep your plane away from other planes, and Bugzilla is used to track
any problems with that system.)  I'm versed in many networking
technologies and scripting languages, and recently have become a Perl
advocate for mini projects around our lab.

I had created a highly-customized version of bugzilla based on 2.22.
During that time I had learned much of the bugzilla flow and code, and
now that we have migrated to 3.0, I have found most of the
customizations were included and those that weren't I've been working to
have included in newer Bugzilla versions.  (Allow range searches of bug
numbers, single-select custom fields for selecting custom user roles,
default CSV output to use customized field names, cleaning up
editmultiple for people with per-product editbugs.)

I enjoy helping others work through problems by responding on the
support list.  It is a good distraction from the monotonies of my real
job.  I'd love to participate more, but my level of participation is
limited by the workload of my regular job, so sometimes I can do a lot,
and sometimes not so much.  I also cannot access any IRC discussions
from where I'm at, unless I am working from home and have a second
computer laying around to use, so I can only be reached via email.


Michael J Tosh
Software Engineer
Lockheed Martin, TSS

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