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On 2 Mar 2008, at 20:39, Aaron Evans wrote to developers at
> Here's some ideas for projects:
> 	• More charts and graphs (the kids love the graphics)
> 	• Outlook (or Evolution) plugin
> 	• Firefox extension (I saw a request for this on recently)
> 	• Automatic bug submissions from build, test tools (e.g, Ant,  
> Selenium)
> 	• Bugzilla based social network (Assignees == Friends/?)
> 	• Template UI loader/switcher (like in a CMS)
> -Aaron Evans


these are good ideas. But what about something completely different.  
Something big?

What about semantically enabling bugzilla, using Linked Data [1] so  
that one can link bugs from any bug tracking system to other bug  
tracking systems. I put a video online a few years ago explaining both  
the semantic web and how this could be useful [2]. In the mean time we  
have deployed a group to develop a bug ontology 
  which is getting interest every day.  I have extracted millions of  
relations from the issuezilla database of Netbeans in a few days.

I don't think this would be too much work, and we have a lot of people  
who would be happy to help out.

A few of us could be mentors on such a project too.



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