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Guy Pyrzak guy.pyrzak at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 07:06:50 UTC 2008

There are a lot of sites that do this sort of thing. I'm less sure if you
are requesting this as a feature, in which case there is a bug that already
requests this it is bug

Thanks for the feedback though, keep them coming,


On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 1:46 AM, Scott Glazer <hexsmith at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I was pondering a method for enticing users to fix bugs, and I shared
> the idea I had with a friend of mine who suggested that I forward to
> you:
> Similar to the way prizes have been offered as a bounty for developing
> software, I assume a similar idea could be applied to Launchpad.  When a
> user submits a bug report, confirms that they experience the same
> problem, or simply posts a feature request, they should have the ability
> to donate to a bounty pool.  When the bug is fixed or the feature
> implemented, and this is confirmed by the users experiencing the
> problems (or requesting the feature), then the pool is released to the
> contributing developers.
> Of course, as with other types of donations, a percentage could be
> lifted for administrative needs -- servers, bandwidth, personnel, etc.
> I'm simply sharing this idea in the hopes that it can be used to
> coordinate developers where they are needed most.  Many users donating a
> little can add up to a significant amount for a given bug.  A few users
> donating a lot of money can get a bug fixed that is of great importance
> to them even if it benefits the community little.
> As I said, I discussed this idea with a friend, and one of the concerns
> he brought up was distribution support within the FOSS community.  I
> urge you to forward this idea to anyone else in the community who may be
> able to use it in a productive way.  Additionally, I'm concerned that
> bugs that receive large support may be targeted by developers, and other
> projects would be sidelined; in an effort to minimize this, a percentage
> of the bounty may be spread equally among a random sampling of bugs.
> Given enough donations, random bugs would also accrue bounties -- though
> without bounties being placed directly on them, they would accrue much
> slower.
> Thanks for reading, and I hope this idea is useful,
> -Scott
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