Self-Introduction: Scott Saad

Aaron Evans ahdevans at
Fri Jun 27 16:53:23 UTC 2008

Welcome Scott.

I'm more of an occasional lurker lately, but when I introduced myself last
year, I had ambitions of working on the web services as well.  So if you
need a hand and want to take the lead, I'll do what I can to help, which is
probably not much at this time.

I come from a QA background as a bugzilla end-user and rookie perl hacker.
At a more ambitious time, I offered to expand and port the selenium test
cases, but as Lpsolit how that turned out.


On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 12:51 PM, Scott Saad <saadsj at> wrote:

> * Scott Saad
> * saadware
> * Colorado, USA
> * Working as a Software Specialist for Mover's Suite Software (
> * If possible, I would like to help flesh out the web service interface to
> Bugzilla.
> History:
> * Bugzilla would be the first open source project that I've had the
> privilege to work on.
> * All previous work has been either for personal consumption or employers.
> * 10 years professional experience as a software engineer.
> * C++, T-SQL, .NET are the langugaes I find myself in most of the time
> these days.
> * Honestly, my Perl experience is somewhat slim pickens in anything
> production. However, I wouldn't consider it complete newbie status.
> * My early experience was all on the Unix based platforms. The last 5 years
> or so has been focused on the Windows platform.
> * I enjoy solving problems with software. If the problem can be solved with
> elegance relating to architecture, then I'm even happier. Sometimes, getting
> things done takes precedence over aesthetics, but when these things jive,
> everyone wins.
> * Systems administration has always been something I've had a nack for, but
> I'm a better software engineer and only to admin stuff to help others out.
> * People tell me that I have good leadership skills. I've led teams and
> truly enjoy helping others become better. Of course, I also enjoy learning
> from others.
> Best regads,
> Scott
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