Self-Introduction: Scott Saad

Scott Saad saadsj at
Thu Jun 26 19:51:21 UTC 2008

* Scott Saad
* saadware
* Colorado, USA

* Working as a Software Specialist for Mover's Suite Software (

* If possible, I would like to help flesh out the web service interface to

* Bugzilla would be the first open source project that I've had the
privilege to work on.
* All previous work has been either for personal consumption or employers.
* 10 years professional experience as a software engineer.
* C++, T-SQL, .NET are the langugaes I find myself in most of the time these
* Honestly, my Perl experience is somewhat slim pickens in anything
production. However, I wouldn't consider it complete newbie status.
* My early experience was all on the Unix based platforms. The last 5 years
or so has been focused on the Windows platform.
* I enjoy solving problems with software. If the problem can be solved with
elegance relating to architecture, then I'm even happier. Sometimes, getting
things done takes precedence over aesthetics, but when these things jive,
everyone wins.
* Systems administration has always been something I've had a nack for, but
I'm a better software engineer and only to admin stuff to help others out.
* People tell me that I have good leadership skills. I've led teams and
truly enjoy helping others become better. Of course, I also enjoy learning
from others.

Best regads,
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