Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Sun Jan 27 19:54:26 UTC 2008

	Okay, so all the 3.1.3 blockers are resolved, and as we talked
about at the meeting, we're now going to freeze. Here is how this
freeze will work:

	From today (Sunday, January 27) until Sunday, February 3, we are
in a "soft freeze." That means any bug that currently (as of today) has
a patch on it can still go in to the trunk, but otherwise the trunk is
frozen, and no enhancements may be checked in. This is sort of a week
for things to "settle out" before we completely freeze and branch.

	On Monday, February 4, I will create a branch called
BUGZILLA-3_2-BRANCH. Any enhancement must have "blocking3.2+" on it in
order to be checked into that branch--otherwise only bug fixes will be
taken. Approvers can, of course, grant exceptions--if you want to know
in advance whether or not your patch will be accepted into the 3.2
branch, ask an approver (justdave, myk, LpSolit, or myself).

	This is different than our past freezes in that we will be
branching instantly when we "hard freeze" on February 4, so the trunk
will stay open for development. I don't necessarily expect this to make
3.2 any faster of a release, but I do expect it to help out a lot with
the speed of our 4.0 release.

	Once we branch, general development focus should still be on
3.2, but enhancements that aren't appropriate on a frozen branch can
still be checked in to the trunk, allowing us to keep up development

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