Working Toward HTML 5

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Sat Jan 26 08:07:50 UTC 2008

	Now that there's an HTML 5 draft standard at the W3C, I'd at
least like to start thinking about it in relation to Bugzilla.

	Lots of browsers actually already implement HTML 5
features--it's just that now they're actually part of the standard.

	For anybody curious about what's changed in HTML 5, see:

	The reason I'm saying this is that historically, we've been
opposed to using any HTML that's "not in the standard." Well, now I'm
saying that if it's in the HTML 5 standard, and browsers actually
support it, then it's OK with me. (Other reviewers are free to chime in
on this, of course.) Of course, using any of the new tags or APIs that
browsers *don't* actually support yet wouldn't be allowed.

	And if there's a difference between the way an element is
supposed to be used in HTML 4 and the way it's supposed to be used in
HTML 5, I'd like to start slowly moving to the "way it's supposed to be
in HTML 5."

	So it's not a huge change, just a preparation for the future,

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