Japanese Localization of Bugzilla?

Atsushi Shimono shimono at mozilla.gr.jp
Tue Jan 15 16:02:53 UTC 2008


On Jan 15, 2008 6:17 PM, David Miller <justdave at bugzilla.org> wrote:
> >   But we do so many customizes to make Bugzilla 3.0 working with Japanese (or
> > multi-byte utf8), so they cannot be used with plain Bugzilla 3.0.
> What kinds of customizations?  Bugzilla trunk (what'll eventually be
> 3.2) has had a lot of changes made recently to properly handle UTF-8 in
> every way possible (this is part of the reason the trunk is too unstable
> to do a dev release right now).  Wondering if we're re-inventing the
> wheel... :)

  No, i think i'm merging the wheel to tip :p
  But, some (many?) of the patches are just 'Quick hack', so they could not
be applied to tip..

* Graph Issues
** Bug 287684 - UTF-8 chars incorrectly displayed on the dependency graph
** Bug 287682 - UTF-8 chars incorrectly displayed on the graphic reports
** Bug 364505 - Charts not localizable
* Comment Area
** Bug 388723 - Bugzilla 3.0 does not wrap Japanese comment text
* e-mail issues
** Bug 405444 - FormatDouble and FormatTriple mangle multi-byte strings in email
** Bug 405453 - bugzilla should encode X-Bugzilla header contents.
** (not-filed/rejected?) - Bugmail should support other encodings (not utf-8)

  i think the whole list is longer than above, but i forgot :-)

# the last one (for bugmail), some of webmails in Japan didn't support utf-8..
# defact-standard encoding for Japanese e-mail is 'iso-2022-jp', even now :)

Atsushi Shimono
  shimono at mozilla.gr.jp

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