Multi Byte Character Support in Bugzilla 3.x (was Japanese Localization of Bugzilla?)

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at
Mon Jan 14 19:52:50 UTC 2008

>   But we do so many customizes to make Bugzilla 3.0 working 
> with Japanese (or multi-byte utf8), 

Can someone clarify what support there is in Bugzilla for UTF8 or other
multibyte character sets (UTF16)?  

Specifically: Can you record bugs in UTF8 (in Japanese, in Korean)?  (I
see there is contrib::recode so I assume you can store bugs in UTF8 if
you turn the utf8 parameter on)...  The 3.0 release notes say 'Bugzilla
now correctly supports searching and sorting in non-English languages,
including multi-bytes languages such as Chinese.'

Can you use UTF8 in templates?  The release notes for 2.22 state 'now
use UTF-8 encoding for all pages, automatically. It will also send
emails in UTF-8' but Atsushi Shimono's comments suggest that support for
UTF8 is limited to the ASCII 'portion'?  The only open bugs I can see
that would be relavent are UTF8 filenames for attachments [328628] and
comments not wrapping in UTF8[388723] (and maybe [395505] one about
garbled characters that is new).

If someone can clarify the status and the plans that'd be very helpful



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