Bug 417551 - Need Dev Input

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Wed Feb 20 10:24:54 UTC 2008

Tosh, Michael J wrote:
> We have 4 options:
> 1) Leave it.  (if people reading the csv output don't know what 
> short_desc or short_short_desc is, oh well.)
> 2) Append a param to the string, &machine=1, to revert to the column 
> names, otherwise display the descriptions

I'd go for 2, or the reverse - there needs to be a non-localised form. 
The question is whether it's the default. For backwards-compatibility 
reasons, it might be better to have a human=1 parameter (or better name) 
and add that to the links within the product.

This has the advantage of making it fairly obvious to a dev reading the url:
what to do to make it machine-readable.


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