Bug 417551 - Need Dev Input

Tosh, Michael J michael.j.tosh at lmco.com
Tue Feb 19 14:03:58 UTC 2008

Need opinions on this bug 417551 - CSV headers should be the field description, not the field name

As a Spreadsheet output format, the default template for list/list.csv.tmpl uses the database column names, which even for the default Bugzilla install, and most likely all Bugzilla's out there, doesn't match the adapted field descriptions.  Max & Frédéric suggested I ask developers@ for a preference.

We have 4 options:
1) Leave it.  (if people reading the csv output don't know what short_desc or short_short_desc is, oh well.)

2) Append a param to the string, &machine=1, to revert to the column names, otherwise display the descriptions

3) Append a param to the string, &spreadsheet=1, to provide pretty column descriptions, otherwise display the column names.  This requires a change to list/list.html.tmpl as well as list/list.csv.tmpl.

4) Change it to descriptions only.  If an install needs the column headers, they can change their own list.csv.tmpl.


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