Bug 417290 - The "The bug is resolved or reopened" email pref should also include newly created bugs

Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at amd.com
Mon Feb 18 22:51:30 UTC 2008

developers-owner at bugzilla.org wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Feb 2008 23:26:29 +0100 Frédéric Buclin <lpsolit at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> But as a core developer/triager, I want to know when bugs are both
>> created (to triage them) and resolved (to know what has been fixed
>> (core developer) or incorrectly closed or reopened (triager)).
>> I can implement it as a separate email pref if you *really* want to.
> 	Yes, a separate pref would still allow you to do what you
> want, and would be more flexible. Also the way the code works now for
> new bugs, I think it would probably be easier to make it a
> separate pref
> anyhow.

For the list - I responded in bug 278455 in favor of bug 418301 (still there as a point of reference):


Re: bug 418301 - I agree that this solution *could* work if it included the
ability to do both all base logic types (AND, OR, XOR, and NOT).  The problem I
see with this is when a notification list is very long, it can take a
significant amount of time to send emails.  That means a user must "hang in
there" longer for the "bug updated" message.

A challenge I see in light of this bug (278455) is usability - how does one
display the logic tree and how does one tell the system to send email when a
value changes to or from another value versus when a value remains in a given
state...  I must assume that allowing users to do this would have to be a
configuration parameter as large installations would probably want to turn this
off or keep the number of allowable limitations per-user to a reasonable

I also (wondering out loud) am considering - "How do I tell users how to
utilize this method versus the method I proposed in bug 418301?" because it
seems that this method will require users to be more Bugzilla-savvy.  That's
not a bad thing, it just seems that the learning curve will be steeper.


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