Bug 417290 - The "The bug is resolved or reopened" email pref should also include newly created bugs

Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at amd.com
Mon Feb 18 19:03:08 UTC 2008

> > I'm with Kevin. Plus, it should be product-wise. Let's have 
> the status
> > transition matrix as e-mail prefs:
> Do you realize how many checkboxes this would involve? Times 
> the number 
> of product if you want it per-product.

Yes, that's why I didn't suggest notifications by product, priority,
severity, or other.  It is also why I didn't suggest doing notifications
by query filter either.

> Why is status transition so important compared to other bug 
> fields? What 
> if I'm only interested in bugs marked blocker or critical, or with 
> priority P1 and P2 only, etc...? This looks insane to me.
> Maybe should you let your email client tag and filter 
> incoming bugmails 
> rather than making the email prefs UI overcomplicated.
> In my proposed patch, I'm only talking about open vs closed bugs, not 
> each step between.

I think your patch is cool, though I think a nice incremental "next
step" will allow users to specify a finer granularity than open versus
closed especially for those sites that use QA contacts actively and have
implemented other status transitions.  You'll note that I did not
utilize the full matrix of status transitions as Marc suggested :-)

I agree that overly complex notification schemes will only slow things
down for everyone and decrease usability.  OTOH, what I do see is real
value in being able to help users reduce incoming mail before they get
it rather than forcing them to create rules to process what they would
see as "junk".

>From a practical perspective, triagers don't care much about bugs after
triage.  Developers don't care about bugs except when a bug has been
triaged and is assigned to them (or they're on the CC list).  QA
contacts care about bugs from post-triage until verification has been
completed.  Program managers care about bugs throughout the entire

I think you can see why I responded the way I did.  As I said above, I
think that this type of matrix can be a very nice incremental next step.
:-)  Of course it will mean more coding to be done from the UI and the
back-end to implement.

I'll go ahead and file an enhancement request for this capability.

Kevin Benton
MySQL DBA #5739
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