Bug 417290 - The "The bug is resolved or reopened" email pref should also include newly created bugs

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 17:52:09 UTC 2008

In bug 417290, I change the "The bug is resolved or reopened" email pref 
to also include newly created bugs, and rename the pref as "The bug is 
created, resolved or reopened".

Would the majority of you using this email pref agree with this change? 
The reason to change it is that we currently have no way to get bugmail 
when a bug is created and resolved only (reopened can be seen as a 2nd 
life to the bug), and I think both steps are related (status change, 
start and end of the bug life). Related enough to be enclosed in the 
same email pref IMO.

I know mkanat disagrees with this change (his reason given on IRC didn't 
convince me; maybe he wants to re-explain it here once more), but I 
would like more opinions on it.


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