Search by comparing a field to another field? (eg: deadline)

Jeff Hedlund jeff.hedlund at
Wed Feb 6 19:38:39 UTC 2008

I am looking to accomplish a search "resolved after the deadline".

I've done some searching and could not find an appropriate bug to help me
out, though LpSolit did recommend I look at bug 380878
( It's possible that
would meet my needs, but I thought I'd post here as well to see if anyone
has any thoughts.

One thought I had was to use a special field in the boolean charts
("%deadline%") that would do some special magic behind the scenes to
compare the given field with the deadline field.

So I could do a boolean chart with "resolved" "changed after" "%deadline%"
to see anything that was resolved after the deadline date.

Has anyone else implemented this sort of search in a customized bugzilla?

Any other ideas?

Should I enter a request on b.m.o or would this sort of thing not be
desired in the stock Bugzilla distro?


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