Self-Introduction: Kip Hampton

Kip Hampton khampton at
Sun Dec 28 17:18:23 UTC 2008

Howdy Bugzilla Developers,

Per Bugzilla:Developers:Introduction on the wiki, here's my whack at the 
standard intro:

Full name: Kip Hampton

IRC /nick: ubu

City: Los Angeles, CA, US

Profession: Rake and Roustabout

What do you want to help out with:

In the immediate term, there are a few items on the "Good Bugs For 
N00bs" list that I'd like to knock down. In the longer term, to do 
whatever I can to keep Bugzilla at the top of the go-to list for issue 
tracking software. I'm generally a Perl + XML and RDF Guy so Buzilla 
seems the most natural place to volunteer to the larger Mozilla effort.

What other technical projects have you worked on in the past?

10+ years in the Web/Web Services business, working with organizations 
that cover the gambit from tiny 3-person teams to giant Fortune 100 Web 
Depts. In terms of Open Source work, I'm an Apache Software Foundation 
committer (and project management contact) on the AxKit project, I wrote 
/XML Web Publishing With AxKit/ for O'Reilly, and, apart from AxKit, I 
have several XML and RDF modules available on CPAN[1]

What other skills do you have that might be applicable?

Given sufficient prep time, my Carne Asada brings eyesight to the blind 
(sorry, vegans). More seriously, my DBA-fu is pretty strong (especially 
on Postgres) and I've done tons of UI/design work as well.

So... I suppose that's an intro. If anyone has specific questions, 
please don't hesitate.



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