Self Introduction: Ken Block

Ken Block kblock at
Wed Dec 24 17:06:27 UTC 2008

Full Name: 
  Kenneth Robert Block 
  Providence, Rhode Island, United States 
  Director of Engineering at Coverity, Inc 
What do you want to help out with? 
  My primary interest is the reporting and project management aspects of
Bugzilla. Bugzilla w/time tracking has all the information I need to
track projects, but the reports for getting at that information are not
what I need. As a proof of concept, I implemented a Perl script that can
take the data exported from BZ and creates a Microsoft Project file. I'd
like to get this integrated to make it easier to use. 


Right now I'm looking at summarize_time.cgi to see if I can add an
option to report how much time remains in a project instead of the
current reporting of how much time has been consumed.


Historical Qualifications 
  I've been developing software for over 25 years primarily in the
compiler and database space. Now I spend my time creating reports about
how other people are developing software. I'd like to automate that
process and get back to development.


Kenneth Block

Coverity, Inc.


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