Switching to Bazaar (bzr)

Cédric Corazza cedric.corazza at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 22:59:43 UTC 2008

A localization point of view.

I would only have a regret as a localizer:
We currently have to deal with CVS (for 1.9.0 Gecko branch), HG (for 
1.9.1 gecko branch), SVN for Mozilla Web files, and that would mean we 
will have to deal now with a fourth VCS :-( .
Apart from the fact the dev team already dealt with bzr repos, are there 
any other reasons to move to Bazaar?
Is Mercurial not an option, and if so why?
The multiplicity of tools is an obstacle for new locales to come.
Though this move is just about the Bugzilla Project, Bugzilla is part of 
the Mozilla products.
I just wanted to state about this part of the move.

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