Developer profiles page

David Miller justdave at
Thu Apr 10 07:32:16 UTC 2008

I've made some major updates to the Developer Profiles page at

I moved several people that haven't been around for a while into the 
Former Developers section, and added a whole mess of new people who I 
could find names for.  I'm sure I'm still missing a few folks.  If you 
have commit access to the website, feel free to update your own profile 
if it's missing stuff or out of date.  If you don't, you can either ping 
mkanat or myself, or follow the link at the top of the page.  That goes 
for anyone who's missing who thinks they're active enough that they 
should be on there, too.

Dave Miller                         
System Administrator, Mozilla Corporation
Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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