Introduction: Sandeep Athiyarath

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Wed Apr 9 19:29:37 UTC 2008

Good luck; some notes:
Your website needs to be gone over by someone who natively speaks 
English and to be reviewed for typos. It is probably not the best thing 
for there to be ellipses in the menu either (the pages are not very self 
discoverable prior to viewing them). Considering the market, you may 
even want the site to be available in several languages (I am assuming 
any of the work you have gotten so far is through word of mouth and not 
your web presence, and most of what you do is done on site at a client).

As for contributing to Bugzilla, there is plenty of low hanging fruit; 
certainly some of it doesn't even need programming skills. Take bug 
73330 for instance ( 
It hasn't been touched in several years (and was filed against Bugzilla 
2.13). The patch that is in it was rejected because it didn't pass 
review and there are some pointers on what needs to be done with it 
there. As it stands right now, I don't even know if the way the fix was 
attempted is even a valid direction now. Someone needs to go in and 
figure out if there is even still an issue there (if so, perhaps this is 
a good one for the [Good Intro Bug] whiteboard; the email is generated 
from a template now, isn't it?).

The bug list: has a bunch of bugs that at 
least somebody considers to be good introduction bugs, though looking at 
it I could see more than a few of them being intimidating for someone 
who is not speaking english as their primary language. Fortunately 
reviewers exist to help you create a patch worth checking in.
Sandeep A.S wrote:
> Hi,
> I am Sandeep from Bangalore,India
> I am a freelancer in open souce domain. Basically I do open souce 
> implementation at customer places and living with fees
> earning from that.I have more than eight years of  experiance  in 
> network and system Administration, Out of which
> 5 years in Linux. As I am more inclined to linux flavours I started my 
> own 3member consultancy as <> [fcoos 
> -flying concepts
> on open source].Also from my earnings I contribute 5% of the fees to 
> the open source project software  I use.
> Even though I have a good systems and network administration 
> background, in programming I am still in the
> beginners level.I  am learning Perl and template toolkit with the 
> Bugzilla. I know shell scripting a bit and some PHP. I have done a 
> replicated bugzilla Implementation , migrated
> some old versions to the stable versions of Bugzilla. I hope I would 
> be able to contribute and enjoy the work with Bugzilla team.As I am 
> fairly new in the programming,some
> guidance will definitely help me out.
> Thanks
> Sandeep
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