Introduction: Sandeep Athiyarath

Sandeep A.S sandeep at
Wed Apr 9 18:27:41 UTC 2008

I am Sandeep from Bangalore,India
I am a freelancer in open souce domain. Basically I do open souce 
implementation at customer places and living with fees
earning from that.I have more than eight years of  experiance  in 
network and system Administration, Out of which
5 years in Linux. As I am more inclined to linux flavours I started my 
own 3member consultancy as <> [fcoos 
-flying concepts
on open source].Also from my earnings I contribute 5% of the fees to the 
open source project software  I use.

Even though I have a good systems and network administration background, 
in programming I am still in the
beginners level.I  am learning Perl and template toolkit with the 
Bugzilla. I know shell scripting a bit and some PHP. I have done a 
replicated bugzilla Implementation , migrated
some old versions to the stable versions of Bugzilla. I hope I would be 
able to contribute and enjoy the work with Bugzilla team.As I am fairly 
new in the programming,some
guidance will definitely help me out.



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