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Michael Durthaler mdurthaler at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 8 17:21:09 UTC 2008

Dear All,


I'm the new kid on the block and need to make myself known.


What I'd like to help out with is clearing bugs to start with and coming up
with hopefully clever ideas after I'm fully on board.


I've done work on Dot Net Nuke modules, which entails what you folks call
the Module Control View but as usual with Microsoft and .Net, they have
their own name for it.  In a nutshell, I've spent the last 2 years working a
bit with Windows solutions but mainly Web Applications, from the database
end to the "view" end.  I'm quite well experienced in SQL, would love to
learn Oracle and MySQL.  From using the abstraction structure in DNN (View,
code behind, data provider, controller, SQL data provider, etc.) it's easy
to see how and why your code is laid out as it is.  By the way, this is very
neatly and logically organized. Kudos, my new friends.


I do like to hear back if my submissions are error-free so please info me
not only when changes are needed after submission of patches or files but
please let me know when things are OK.  This allows me to fully take my
attention off an item and really focus on the next one.


As far as computer skills, my typing speed is 42 WPM plus, I'm experienced
with Visual Studio 2005 (.Net 2.0 framework), visual basic.  I've done work
in DOS itself but it's been over a decade since I've used it so some kinks
are showing up :-).  I did office solutions for a company called Axiom
International as part of my work setting up their sales backlines.  I was
not the techie at this point but did set up their Windows solution for
sales, faxing from the desktop, emailing from the desktop, etc.  This was
from 95 to 97.


After this, I took work with MC Test Products from 1997 to 2003 and designed
circuit boards for a living.  I worked on AutoCAD versions 12, 13 and 14.  I
was also involved a bit with it's coding and have some knowledge of Auto


>From 2003 to 2006 I took on other work after the .bomb crash and a friend of
mine talked me into programming with .Net, from there to now, here I am.


I bring to the table excellent communication skills as far as wording menus
and pages in solutions.  The Center for Sales Strategy (www.csscenter.com
<http://www.csscenter.com/> ) is one client that the company I contracted
with had me do extensive maintenance work on.  Their CEO is the author of a
major book on sales, Close Like the Pros so from his rather arduous input on
changes needed, graphics styling, very demanding work on phrasing and so on
I got used to grammar in the strictest sense of the word.  It was a hard
adjustment but worth it as the person is an excellent author so I learned it
right. (Steve Marx is the gentleman's name, by the way)


Other than that, when I do created a solution I'm a neat freak with how I
lay the code out.  I like things to really work well and will tweak the
daylights out of a piece of code until I really am happy with it.  My
experience up until now has been more with maintenance than creation of
whole new ideas so this is a bit new to me.


So far but it's only been a week or so, I find the sense of humor, attention
to quality, organization and so on with this group very positive.  I think
I'll continue to find this and I like the atmosphere of the group.


Feel free to mail or contact me at any time.  Perl is a new language for me
but I studied C at one point so it's not totally unfamiliar.  Having worked
with the basic coding tools in VB (Visual Studio), the techniques in Perl
are actually easier, I find because Perl is intuitive and has a no-limits
philosophy behind it.  I find with the way it's taught when I get to the end
of a chapter I can actually USE it because frankly, it makes more sense.
(Not that I'll give up Windows, VB, DNN and so on - it's just too much fun!)


I would love to hear back from anyone in the group and make new friends.
Let me hear from you - please don't let this go un-replied to! :-) (I'm just
too sensitive a guy, I guess)


It's great to be on board - blame Max Kanat-Alexander for me being here. :-)




Michael W. Durthaler

Durthaler Tech Services

.Net Solutions

PO Box 4236

Newark, OH 43058

mdurthaler at sbcglobal.net

740 739 4311 - Desk

740 739 4498 - Laptop


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