Self-Introduction: Noura Elhawary

Noura Elhawary nelhawar at
Wed Sep 26 01:08:36 UTC 2007

== Full legal name ==
Noura Elhawary

== Your IRC nick on ==

== City, Country ==
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

== Profession or Student status ==
Web Engineer

== Company, School, or other affiliation ==
Red Hat, Inc.

== What do you want to help out with? ==
We have just finished migrating our Red Hat Bugzilla version 2.18 from
Postgres to Mysql. We are planning to upgrade to version 3.x in the next
few months. As XMLRPC API is used quite heavily in our company we are
planning to upgrade our currently customized XMLRPC code to the new 3.x
WebServices code. We will try to make our changes generic as much as we
can and submit all our patches upstream. Also we will be changing our
Bugzilla code to comply with the code standards for upstream Bugzilla
and its Developer's Guide.

== Historical qualifications ==
I am a recent University Graduate with Bachelor of Information
Technology. I joined Red Hat January 2007. Since then I have been
working on Bugzilla Database migration from Postgres to mysql project.
I got quite familiar with the Bugzilla Application in its both sides UI

I look forward to working with my team and the Bugzilla community
in the future.

Noura Elhawary
Red Hat, Inc.

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