Self-Introduction: Oliver Oyston

Oliver Oyston oliveroyston at
Tue Sep 11 09:10:17 UTC 2007

Oliver Oyston

Leeds, United Kingdom

Technical Specialist for Luminary Solutions

I want to help out with making Bugzilla compatible with the Ingres RDBMS. 


My technical background is mainly Microsoft technologies (SQL Server, C#, ASP). I also have knowledge of web design and the associated technologies. I am currently contracted out to Otto UK Ltd where I am working on,, along with the companies other catalogue websites. 


I have a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics.

My Perl and Ingres knowledge are not the best in the world (yet!), but I have a strong technical background and would really like to get involved in the open source community. 

I'm going to try and take ownership of bug 249400, "Make Bugzilla's SQL compatible with Ingres". It is only a P4 bug, but it is in a field that I am interested in. I work for Luminary Solutions, the leading Ingres services provider in the United Kingdom, and so I will be able to get help and advice from my colleagues if necessary.




Oliver Oyston

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