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Tue Sep 11 21:47:14 UTC 2007

== Full name ==
Albert Ting

== Your IRC nick on ==

== City, Country ==
Sunnyvale, California, United States.

== Profession or Student status ==
Software Manager

== Company, School, or other affiliation ==
ARM, PIPD division

== What do you want to help out with? ==
Enterprise level enhancements

== Historical qualifications ==
Got a BS in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and math.  Then a
MS in electrical and computer engineering.  Started out as a chip designer
to gain hardware design experience before switching over to software

My main desire is software automation, currently in the EDA industry.  Have
deployed applications in a various languages: java, python, perl, c, php,
scheme/lisp, etc., even a little ocaml and bliss.  Notice I didn't mention
C++, I rarely need it!  I have a blast working in other OOP/AOP/MOP

I deployed Bugzilla in a previous company, back in 2002, and then we got
bought out by ARM.  Have been enhancing BZ to become a more enterprise level
system.  My main contribution has been the Bugzilla Classification feature.

== Anything else you'd like to say ==

Even though I am a manager, I am the only Bugzilla developer for our server,
it is my "side" job.  But I should get more resource allocations as this
becomes part of my group charter.

Our Bugzilla is now integrated with our customer-side ticket system.  In
particular, BZ auto-syncs a selected list of
products/components/versions/etc.  Of course, BZ holds a fair number of
internal-only products.   At this point, we have ~600 products, ~700 users.
I expect the product count to increase significantly when we start
synchronizing all the products.  We also make good use of email_in and bug

I find the quality of the Bugzilla code stream to be excellent, hence tend
to use the latest releases.  It also helps that our system is intranet
only.  Yes, there are bugs, but they can be patched up until they're
permanently fixed.  We're currently using a customized 3.1+ in production.
And I'm glad that I can use the custom status workflow.  The system works
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