Self-Introduction: Jesse Clark

Jesse J. Clark Jesse.J.Clark at
Fri Sep 7 23:52:31 UTC 2007

== Full legal name ==
Jesse J Clark

== Your IRC nick on ==

== City, Country ==
Mountain View, California, United States

== Profession or Student status ==
Computer Scientist, Civil Servant

== Company, School, or other affiliation ==
HCI Group at NASA Ames Research Center

== What do you want to help out with? ==
We have modified Bugzilla to manage Problem Reporting and Corrective  
Action (PRACA) data at NASA, and would like to contribute  
improvements back to the main Bugzilla codebase. Max Kanat-Alexander  
has helped us with many of these things and I am sure he will  
appreciate our efforts to make them more modular and generalizable.

Among the changes we have made:

- UI improvements such as AJAX field changes, tabbed bug display  
pages, resizing text entry fields.

- Reworking of interfaces for search, reports, saved searches, and  

- Customizable field titles, which may help with internationalization  
and large product bases.

== Historical qualifications ==
I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon  
University and have extensive network programming and Unix admin  
experience. I have been working at NASA for the last three years.

Recently, I have written a Perl-DL interpreter to convert legacy  
(1965-1975) binary satellite image data into modern formats such as HDF.

Less recently, I have written a Perl-Tk frontend to a database of  
medical data, allowing patient records to be sent to any of several  
applications from a single UI.

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