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John Beranek john at
Wed Sep 5 13:29:45 UTC 2007

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> Hi all,
> The Bugzilla meeting ended right now with 18 people attending today
> (probably a record), and we are going towards the removal of 23
> parameters(!). You can see our decisions on this page:

I wonder how you can make decisions like this without actually polling
your users? Perhaps at least on the support list?

There are far more users of Bugzilla than there are developers that read
this list, and the diversity of those users could certainly mean that
they would have reasons that particular parameters are an absolute
necessity, something which you've not thought of yourself.

I've already brought up possible issues with removing sslbase, and
looking at your list I see others that may cause issues. A particular
one is cookie path - on another project I work on the cookie path was
worked out from the PHP_SELF variable (admittedly different than getting
 it from urlbase in Bugzilla but stick with me), and this caused issues
with a particular setup where the web app was fetched through a proxying
setup, which masked the real path from the actual path. What I had to do
is add a cookie path override config parameter. If Bugzilla were to
remove its cookie path config parameter similar configurations may then
start to fail...not really the friendliest thing to do to the user...

Just my tuppence.


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