question on the state of Bugzilla WebService API

Andreas Mayr andreas.mayr at
Tue Oct 30 12:42:11 UTC 2007

I agree with your suggestions. I was only listing a few things I've thought
of. Eg "list all components for a given product" would be very important.
For my work, I only need read-only features. Despite of this, I personally
think that it is in general better, to implement first all read-features
before concentrating on the modification-features.

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tirsdag 30 Oktober 2007 skrev Frédéric Buclin:
> Andreas Mayr a écrit :
> > Really good idea guys! I need this functionality too! As it seems, that 
> > too stupid to embed the mylyn-api in my program correctly, I have to
> > the Bugzilla WebService API. And this functionality is really pretty 
poor :(
> Several new methods will/should land on time for Bugzilla 3.2. mkanat is

Here is, from the top of my head, a list of stuff I would like to see. I
most of it is not present:

(Create bug - is possible)

- Comment on a bug
- Change the status of a bug (inclusive closing it).
- List all open bugs, given a product
- List all open bugs, given a product and a component
- List all products (is implemented)
- List all components for a given product

I think adding these metods, where four are readonly, would hugely improve
APIs usability.

Unfortunately, the focus of my company has shifted away from these tasks 



> currently working on fully implementing Bug->update which will let you
> edit all attributes of existing bugs, which is a huge improvement. I
> also hope we will be able to query the DB given some criteria (e.g.
> using the QuickSearch syntax, despite I know mkanat is not a fan of it)
> and get back a list of bug objects, which would also be a significant
> improvement. About administrative tasks, some work has been done in the
> backend which would let us implement some admin methods too.
> Even if we freeze in a few weeks to prepare Bugzilla 3.2 RC1, I see no
> reason to stop the implementation of new webservice methods as they
> don't affect the core code itself. We could discuss this topic at our
> Bugzilla meeting next week.
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