question on the state of Bugzilla WebService API

Andreas Mayr andreas.mayr at
Tue Oct 30 11:41:46 UTC 2007

Really good idea guys! I need this functionality too! As it seems, that I'm
too stupid to embed the mylyn-api in my program correctly, I have to rely on
the Bugzilla WebService API. And this functionality is really pretty poor :(

There are a few thing, that I'm missing in this buglist:
- get custom fields
- similar to products there should be a get_accessible_bugs method. It's
pretty long winded and slow at the moment to write a method, that retrieves
all bugs in the database

What do you think about that?

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Betreff: Re: question on the state of Bugzilla WebService API

mandag 29 Oktober 2007 skrev Clement Chan:
> Would someone comment on the current state of the Bugzilla WebService
> API? 

It works, but it can't really do that much (can create a bug, list some kind

of information and so on, but lots of functionality still lack). We  (you
I :-) need to write some more patches to introduce more functionality.

Some of the issues are listed here:



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