Hello, just introducing myself

Stathis Sideris im at satspeed.gr
Sun Oct 28 17:44:38 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me say thanks for developing Bugzilla. In accordance 
to the guidelines for (potential) new developers, I'm introducing myself 

My name is Stathis Sideris and I use ssideris as my irc username for 
irc.mozilla.org (I haven't logged in for a while now). I'm based in 
London and I'm currently working as a senior application developer for a 
scientific analytics company.

I have a strong Perl and Java background because of the work I did for 
my PhD in Bioinformatics, and I have released a couple of personal open 
source projects in the past:


I would also say that I'm a bit artistic, with experience in web design 
and UI design. See:


I have recently attempted to create a custom skin to make Bugzilla more 
visually appealing, (see samples at:


but I quickly run into some limitations. More specifically, I think that 
currently the generated HTML is not very CSS friendly because of the 
lack of class and id attributes and because of the use of tables. I 
would like to submit a patch which will improve the situation by adding 
id and class attributes where necessary (especially to form fields) and 
possibly wrap some parts of the generated html in named div or span 
elements to allow the option to hide those parts (for example, in order 
to hide the text title of the page reading "Bugzilla" so that it can be 
replaced with a graphical logo). Anything that I submit will be 
non-invasive in the sense that it will not change the way the default 
skin looks. The aim would be to provide a "foothold" for new skins. For 
the time being, I'm not intending to touch the table-based layouts.

Do you think this is a good idea for a patch? Who is the appropriate 
person for reviewing any changes that I produce?

Thank you,

Stathis Sideris

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