Date & Time JavaScript Widget?

Fergus Sullivan fergus at
Wed Oct 24 20:07:47 UTC 2007

I just spoke to the YUI guys.  A time selection widget hadn't  
occurred to them, but they'll consider it for their 3.0 release which  
I think is early next year (too late for this I assume).

Part of the plan for YUI 3.0 is to separate the underlying code from  
the presentation layer, so in theory it would just be a changed  
presentation widget.  They might, or might not, want to have it as a  
new widget rather than a bolt-on to the calendar widget.

I'll let you know if it gets added to the roadmap.  (Note to self:  
ybugzilla ticket 1557374)


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On Oct 23, 2007, at 12:40 PM, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:

> 	So I just added date/time fields to Bugzilla.
> 	Now I'd like to add a pop-up JavaScript widget that contains a
> calendar & a time-drop down.
> 	YUI has the calendar, but no time drop-down.
> 	Any ideas?
> 	Here's the bug for this, by the way:
> 	-Max
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