Self-Introduction: Mark Stockley

Mark Stockley bugzilla-developers at
Sun Oct 21 18:05:17 UTC 2007

Hi, it says on the website I should introduce myself, so here goes.

My name's Mark Stockley and I'm a 32 year old Information Architect 
working in Oxford in the UK. I'll probably be appearing on IRC as makaq.

Short term I'm interested in dipping my toe in the water wherever my 
skills might be useful. Longer term I expect I'll be drawn towards 
working on the UI.

The technical skills I have that might be useful are: UI/UX design, OO 
Perl, HTML, CSS and OO Javascript. Done some Ajax and I've spent a bit 
of time working with the YAHOO YUI library recently.

At home I work on a Mac, at work it's FreeBSD.

To start with I guess I'm looking for some pointers on a useful place to 



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