new: developers == dev-apps-bugzilla

David Miller justdave at
Sat Oct 20 03:12:11 UTC 2007

I've just completed setting up the bi-directional gateway between
developers at and dev-apps-bugzilla at .  Any
posts to either list (and to the newsgroup on for that matter) should show up on the other now.

This is according to
and to plans we've been intending to implement but never really got
around to ever since the new mozilla.* hierarchy went live on

We may, at some point, drop the gateway and just forward one of the
addresses to the other, and copy the subscriber lists across to the
other one.  But for now, a bi-directional gateway was fairly painless to
set up, and less of a pain to implement than moving subscribers around.
 We'll see how this goes and make modifications as needed.  If anyone
discovers any adnormalities, please let me know.

Dave Miller                         
System Administrator, Mozilla Corporation
Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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